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November 18, 2013
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[ Anti Faction ] Othello by miro-sh [ Anti Faction ] Othello by miro-sh


Finally revamping Othello, and boy, I am hella into his design now. I also will try to be more active from now on, I promise. SLOWLY EDITING THE PROFILE, BE WARNED FOR VOID.

" ... "

Name: Othello [ True Name : ??? ]
Alias: The Quiet Guy, Titan [ Cause he's freakishly tall ]
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 2,02 m | 6'6"
Weight: 82 kg | 183 lbs
Birthday: January 3rd

Hometown: Capital City of Wasteland
Species: Oriental Small-Clawed Otter
Occupation: Mercenary
Faction: The Lost Ones
Title: Member
Base: Metro Tunnel

>> distant >> passive >> quiet >> timid >> blank canvas >> thoughtful >> kind >> polite >> a true daydreamer at heart >> nervous >> stoner >> forceful when pressured

Othello is quiet. He does not talk unless it isnecessary. Others often think he may be mute, his tongue may be gone or his vocal cords are damaged. They are not. Othello just does not like talking. He rather listens. Listening is one of his major strengths. His sharp senses do not need him talking 24/7. The brown haired is a rather timid man, shy to a certain extent and insecure about dozens of things. But he still won't let his inner insecurity show. He pulls a blank face, is discreet and neutral in most situations, in general a passive type of guy. He is a very thoughtful person, dreamy yes. It takes him a while to come back to reality and he often just stares until he understands what this all is about. Othello looks differently at the world, he tried to blend out all unnecessary noise and content which may distract him. He dreams of a better world, a more colourful world. But he still won't show. Othello never shows. He's pretty much the blank canvas any artist could paint on. Although he appears to be pretty neutral Othello still tends to be a pretty kindhearted person albeit him not actually giving off that certain caring vibe. He is fond of a few people and would literally take any kind of bullet for them, this making him a great although quiet companion and friend. He is the kind of guy you can sit with and tell your whole life story and he would listen carefully and keep it to himself. Othello, being the great listener he is would never dare to missuse the information he just got, he is gentle and profoundly softhearted and kind. Many suspect Othello to be a rather emotionally battered and broken person, which he is, especially considering his history.

>> [+] literature of most kind >> [+] the winter season >> [+] cuddling & sex >> [+] his childhood gang >> [+] recently got into drugs
>> [-] swimming & deep water >> [-] compliments >> [-] being forced to raise his voice >> [-] giving an opinion >> [-] getting dragged into adventures & shopping

>> Specialty Skill: Survival | Endurance | Repair
>>Other Strengths: decent cook | profound knowledge of literature and drama | king of pillow and blanket forts

>> Othello has trouble communicating with others. He is not good at the whole talking deal.
>> Same applies to the fact that he sucks at showing his feelings properly
>> Suffers from heavy panic attacks once reminded of his past.

>>Skull Switch Blade - a very light switch blade with skully replica

Additional Perks:
>> Good Natured
>> Fast Shot

Othello's real name, the name he was given by his birth is lost. It's as lost as the boy is himself. His name, his story, his whole self. Everything is lost.

Othello has spend nearly his whole life on the street. In contrary to the popular belief Othello did not grow up in some fancy family. Although his knowledge of literature reigns from a pretty decent education and indicates some social status most people never get to figure out that Othello grew up quite... differently. The only reason for him being the literature junkie he is, was stealing books and stories from others.

Othello grew up on the streets. Even before the bomb. Even before the Elite's. His parents apparently couldn't care less about their son. Othello claims -- if asked -- that they dumped him as soon as he could walk. They didn't. Once he could speak they kicked him out. Apparently a child was too much for them. Othello also claims that his parents weren't responsible for the scars on his arms, upper torso and back. Apparently that is a lie as well. But this is a complete other story. A story which is not supposed to be told. It is a lost story. He lost this story long ago. Along with his given name. With his parents. He lost his whole story as the Capital City of Wasteland was hit with the bomb. And Othello decided soon that it was better for him not to search for his name nor his story. He was doing better without them.
The young boy had spend years on the streets. And now that the whole city fell apart Othello wasn't the only one. In the past he had watched people rise and fall within the Capital City. Now plenty of people fell. They fell and turned. He did too. He turned. Changed as the others did. He had adapted to his new animal features quickly. It was okay for him. After all -- He took things as they came. There was nothing good or bad in his eyes. And considering the way he changed after the bombs of the Elite had hit the city, how he had changed just as all the others he thought that maybe, finally he was part of something. Part of a group. Part of those who were now the same. Othello was wrong. It got even harder to support his current life style now that so many people had lost what once was theirs. He grew even more distant, more passive, more neutral than before. Because this all didn't concern him. His story had been lost before. The Elite's were not responsible for what his parents had done to him. Yet watching so many children fall sparked something inside Othello. Something lit up as he saw so many people, people like him, rise. It took him time and a bit of courage to befriend with a few other street kids. Othello can recall his expression as he befriended with two of them. Having been the quiet and shy boy he was back then didn't really help him as he dealt with the outgoing Felicitas. It also didn't help him with dealing with Elise. Somehow the three had managed to befriend none the less.

Othello soon grew attached to the ladies. First he had tried to give them the tough boy, somebody who would protect them. He had been living on the streets for his whole life, he knew the business. But his badboy image soon faded and he caved in. He was not suited for the whole leader deal. In the end he became the quiet part of the group. Considering that he always had been quiet this probably was the best decision. It still bothered him how easily the two learned how to deal with everything that came along with living on the streets. It bothered him in a way it shouldn't bother him. Othello often contemplated why it bothered him. It just did. Period. The three often spend evening after evening, huddled together. Giggling beneath the sheets, whispered oats and vows. Their whole childhood consisted of these. Stealing from traders and merchants. Living off the road. Together. It didn't last. They grew up. Felicitas and Elise joined different factions.

What did Othello do? He wasn't sure. He knew Felicitas' and Elise's life had been ruined by the Elites. He knew that if he ever wanted to repay them for what they had done for him, he had to help-- in any way possible. He never told them that he didn't want to participate in this. He never did. He joined a faction although he knew that the only reason he was part of this war was to repay the two women who had helped him go on with life. He also didn't tell them that he was scared. Scared of loosing them, once the battle was won. Scared of being left one once their life may returned to normal. Elise and Felicitas were so different compared to him. They deserved all good in the world. They had brightened his past, had made him feel important and loved and cherished. Othello was scared, scared like never before. But he had to repay them still. And if making these two women happy meant for him to be alone again... he would take that on. He had been alone for half of his life. He would cope with loosing them. As long as they were happy he'd go anywhere. As long as if there was something he could do to make them happy he'd go. He'd help win the war against the Elite's. He'd do his best. Othello would do anything for them. Anything.

Felicitas [ Girlfriend ] - "I uhh, yeah, we, umm, god, okay, yeah, christ this is embarrassing, ah, forget it //flushes adorably"
>> TBA

>> Reference Sheet >> Voice Sample [...] >> Theme Song : [...]

>> He is allergic to cinnamon.
>> Othello is very fond of the colour green.
>> He really enjoys brushing others hair and braiding it.
>> He tends to quote from famous books once he should decide to talk.
>> He is a cover hog. Share the bed with him and you'll be blanket-less in less than a few minutes.
>> Othello also seems to be rather talented with his hands yes, even in that way, shut up.
>> He may not seem like it but he works out regularly. Despite him being not the strength type of dude he's having muscles under those layers of clothes.

RP Info::
>> Lit/Para [ Posts vary from three to eight paragraphs, mostly. Tend to textwall - a lot. ]
>> Skype | Google Docs | Comments | Chat [ Rarely ] | Notes [ Notes can be difficult sometimes, I forget about them easily ]
>> Just hit me up if you want to rp, leave a prompt here or via anything really. I have no problems doing a starter as well.
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